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The Model

In consideration for capturing the entire value-chain of offshore wind energy's scope of services and jobs, combining the Port City of Bremerhaven and inlet-city Hamburg in Germany serves as an ideal model for Ohio's growth potential. Adjusted to scale, these neighboring locations support the same industry but generate different economic impacts. From a project standpoint, Bremerhaven is the most built-out and qualified port with heavy-duty capacities and infrastructure. In other words, Bremerhaven is the 'doing' and making' while Hamburg is the 'know-how' and intellectual property center.

Bremerhaven Powerhouse

In relation to North Sea access, the unique location of German seaport city Bremerhaven has helped attract a significant amount of private capital, making it the European centre for the offshore wind industry. By 2009, of the €500 million invested in North Sea offshore wind, over half came to Bremerhaven, home to turbine manufacturers, blade manufacturers, and foundation manufacturers. Two research institutes have opened test facilities; one of the largest wind tunnels in the world and a blade testing facility. A new privately-financed and operated terminal 62 acres for offshore wind and expansion room up to 500 acres. The port is expecting to produce €2 billion worth of wind turbines/year plus more than 2x that in other services.

Bremerhaven Brochure

Hamburg Cluster Model

Ohio’s ample wind manufacturing base is only a part of the larger value proposition. Take a look European Green Capital 2011, inlet-city Hamburg, regarded as “not a production facility site for renewable energy products…but a leading centre for management, engineering, sales, project development and other ‘know-how’-based services.” While, this applies to all advanced energy, Hamburg is home (headquartered) to nearly every major wind company. “60% of worldwide wind energy know-how [is] within a 2.5 hour drive from Hamburg.”  A subset of business headquartering since 2009 includes: Siemens Wind Power, Gamesa, Dong Energy, Areva Wind and GE. Who isn’t headquartered in Hamburg?

Read more at Renewable Energies Hamburg, a cluster organization focused on advanced energy, much like NorTech in Northeast Ohio.