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Ohio Power Siting Board Says Icebreaker Wind Permit Application is in Compliance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   July 31, 2017

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Ohio Power Siting Board Says Icebreaker Wind Permit Application

is in Compliance

Today Icebreaker Wind took a major step forward in bringing its off-shore wind turbine demonstration project to reality with the issuance of a letter by the Ohio Power Siting Board (“OPSB”) finding that Icebreaker Windpower Inc.’s application for a permit to construct North America’s first freshwater offshore wind project is now in compliance and ready to be processed. The OPSB will next issue public notice and review of the application will continue.  The 6 turbine 20.7 megawatt demonstration project will be located 8 to 10 miles off the shore of Cleveland, Ohio.  The project will create nearly 500 jobs and provide power for approximately 7,000 homes. 

The completeness determination by OSPB followed submission by Windbreaker of two Memoranda of Understanding with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (“ODNR”) regarding monitoring protocols to determine any project impacts on fisheries and aquatic resources and birds and bats.

“The OPSB’s determination today that our application is now complete is a major step forward in the state permitting process,” said Dr. Lorry Wagner, President of LEEDCo.  “We are confident that our application demonstrates conclusively that our offshore wind demonstration project will not only have minimal adverse impact on fish and wildlife but will also create jobs, boost the local and regional economy, and provide a local source of clean energy.”


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The Icebreaker project will need a broad range of service, equipment, material, and manufacturing suppliers to complete the first offshore wind installation in the Great Lakes.  Contact our strategic partner GLWN as your first step in registering with Project Icebreaker Supply Chain.  GLWN, a Cleveland-based advanced-energy supply chain advisory group, is working with LEEDCo to help identify, qualify, and engage local northeast Ohio and regional companies that have an interest to be part of this project.

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