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Strategic Partners

LEEDCo has assembled a team of local experts and world class partners to ensure that Icebreaker has a clear, viable, cost-effective, attractive pathway to completion. LEEDCo's international partners provide practical offshore wind experience so that Icebreaker incorporates the lessons learned over 20+ years of offshore wind development in Europe. LEEDCo's local and regional partners provide the local insight necessary to complete the job efficiently and effectively. LEEDCo's mission to build the offshore wind industry in Ohio involves building the capabilities of local firms to compete in the global offshore wind industry and also attracting international firms to establish a presence in the region.

The following list identifies some of LEEDCo's current partners and their role on the project.

Case Western Reserve University (Great Lakes Energy Institute)
(Cleveland, OH)
The Local Research Team

A team of researchers from the Great Lakes Energy Institute at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) represents the local research arm of the LEEDCo team for the ‘Icebreaker’ project. GLEI’s mission is to enable the transition to advanced sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution and utilization, through coordinated research, development, and education. Led by CWRU’s Professor Matthiesen, the GLEI ‘Icebreaker’ team has been collecting and analyzing data on Lake Erie wind and ice conditions and will be assessing the geotechnical characteristics of the lakebed to determine ideal sites for the turbines. Their research is furthering the LEEDCO team’s goal to identify innovative engineering methodologies that will lower the levelized cost of offshore wind energy. The GLEI is responsible for metocean, wind, geotechnical, and ice data collection and analysis. CWRU will be responsible for developing a model for ice pressure calculation in Lake Erie for the Icebreaker project. This will be accomplished through a combination of lab testing and in field measurement. When the foundation is built, mechanical response of the tower structure such as vibration, stress and strain, and thickness and velocity of ice sheet will be measured. The collected data analyzed so as to compare with the ice pressure calculation developed in the model. CWRU will also perform “big data” analysis on the myriad of data that will be collected as part of the Icebreaker Project. Even more models can then be developed and additional data gathered to validate the models and self-form around potential hypotheses, thereby providing a predictive, or prognostic, model that can be used in future wind farm projects.  With augmentation by new data as time progresses, the analytics is refined and provides a “living” assessment of the models. This will provide a basis for increasingly refined decision making regarding design, operation and reliability concerns of the wind farm in order to assure optimum performance.

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County Port Authority (CCCPA)
(Cleveland, OH)
The Primary Port

The City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County created the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority (CCCPA) to manage maritime operations at the Port of Cleveland, and today it is one of the largest ports on the Great Lakes. Nearly 18,000 jobs and $1.8 billion in annual economic activity are tied to the roughly 13 million tons of cargo that move through Cleveland Harbor each year. CCCPA tackles challenges tied directly to jobs, quality of place, and environmental sustainability through innovative development financing services and selective public investments in critical harbor projects. The Port of Cleveland is committed to taking a leadership role in sustainable practices and seeks opportunities to incorporate green practices in its operations. CCCPA was a critical partner in approving LEEDCo’s application for a submerged lands lease (SLL). CCCPA will work collaboratively with the project execution team to manage the transportation and installation logistics during construction.

Cleveland Public Power (CPP)
(Cleveland, OH)
Interconnect Partner and Power Off-taker

Cleveland Public Power (CPP) is a municipal utility providing service to nearly 80,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the City of Cleveland. Cleveland Public Power's three hundred megawatt system ranks as the largest municipally owned electric utility in the State of Ohio and one of the largest in the United States. This system is comprised of three 138 kV interconnections, allowing for access to electrical power available on the market. The 138 kV circuit feeds the 36 substations located throughout the City, which in-turn, step down load to a distribution system of 69 kV, 13.8 kV, 11.5 kV or 2300 volts, depending on the substation. It is a system that features state-of-the-art technology throughout the network with its automated switchgear and relays located at the substations, to the System Controls and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) that provides real-time information through telemetry. System control is highly automated with voltage regulation through Capacitor Banks and Load Tap Changers. The Cleveland Public Power Lake Road Substation will provide the main interconnect point for Icebreaker to feed power into the electrical grid. LEEDCo will build a very small structure that houses the electrical equipment on the existing CPP campus. CPP has also been a critical off-taker and has committed to purchase 25% of Icebreaker’s projected output.

dnv gl

(Global Company, project offices in Seattle & Boston)

The Independent Verifier

DNV KEMA Renewables, Inc. is part of the DNV GL Group (DNV GL), a global provider of services for managing risk with approximately 16,000 employees in over 100 countries. With a heritage of nearly 150 years, they specialize in providing world-class, innovative solutions in the renewable energy industry. As an objective and impartial knowledge-based company, they advise and support organizations along the energy value chain: producers, suppliers and end-users of energy, equipment manufacturers, as well as government bodies, corporations and other organizations. Their team of over 750 wind energy professionals has been supporting and actively involved in the wind industry for more than 30 years. Their wind energy segment specializes in providing feasibility consulting, analysis, design, testing, management, certification, and verification services to a wide range of wind industry clients including developers, utilities, operators, suppliers, land owners, investors, and government agencies. Their experience includes utility-scale and small-scale applications of onshore and offshore wind energy technologies. Their staff has worked on wind projects in almost every U.S. state and Canadian province. Their wind energy segment has a global presence with local offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Austin, Houston, and Boston. DNV GL will be performing the wind resource assessment to validate the energy output models. They will serve as the third party CVA for the engineering design and will develop an independent coupled model to verify LEEDCo’s engineering models. 


Eranti Engineering Oy
(Espoo, Finland)
The Finnish Ice Expert

Eranti Engineering is a Finland-based engineering company with expertise in arctic, coastal and environmental engineering. Dr. Eranti has been involved in offshore wind farm planning, permitting, and structural design in the Northern Baltic Sea area for the last 15 years. Eranti Engineering has been planning and leading the structural and geotechnical design of our sister project Pori in Finland where a pilot wind turbine is already withstanding ice conditions far worse than those we will face in Lake Erie. Eranti Engineering is responsible for the ice characterization analysis and identifying structural innovations to address ice loading concerns. Eranti Engineering is an important part of the team addressing ice issues.

Fred. Olsen Renewables
(Oslo, Norway)
Project Developer

Fred. Olsen Renewables (FOR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA and is responsible for the group’s renewable energy operating assets. FOR’s strategy is to participate in projects from an early stage (site selection, planning and construction) and then own and operate the projects over their lifetime. FOR’s current main focus is onshore wind power in the Scandinavian and UK markets where they currently own 7 operational projects (504 MW of capacity) and have an additional 18 projects under development. FOR also has an interest in the offshore wind sector, holding 50% of a consented project in Ireland (Codling Bank), with a total capacity of 500 MW and potential for a 500 MW extension. 


windcarrier colour

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier
(Oslo, Norway)
The Installation Strategist

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier provides innovative and tailored services for the transport, installation, and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Building on 165 years of offshore and marine experience, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier was established in 2008 to meet the increasing demand for offshore wind turbine installation vessels and related marine service vessels. The company owns and operates the Bold Tern and the Brave Tern, two class leading purpose-built jack-up vessels, and a fellt of eight modern service vessels for transporting crew and equipment to and from offshore wind farms. Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and related companies, Global Wind Service and Universal Foundation, employ around 700 people. The company is wholly owned by Fred. Olsen Ocean, which is owned on a 50/50 basis by the Norwegian stock listed companies Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA. The company has offices in Oslo - Norway, Fredericia - Denmark, Lowestoft - United Kingdom and Pieta - Malta. Their role on the Icebreaker project will be to develop an installation strategy that leverages existing regional assets such as barges, port infrastructure and local manufacturing companies. The strategy will also consider future offshore wind projects both in Lake Erie and throughout the Great Lakes.


Great Lakes Wind Network
(Cleveland, OH)
The Supply Chain Experts

GLWN is an international supply chain advisory group and network of manufacturers, GLWN works in an effort to increase the domestic content of North America’s wind turbines. Joining with public and private groups to support new investment, they strive to link wind industry OEMs and component suppliers to help them to expand their businesses and keep pace with market demand. LEEDCo will work with GLWN to execute the U.S. manufacturing plan.


Offshore Design Engineering Ltd
(Surrey, England)
The English Offshore Wind Power Experts

Offshore Design Engineering is an engineering, construction and project management contractor with more than three decades of experience in the offshore oil and gas industry and 12 years of experience in offshore wind. Having managed some of the largest and most innovative offshore wind projects in the UK, ODE brings practical, firsthand experience to the LEEDCo team. The ODE team helped design the preliminary construction, installation, and maintenance plans and is leading the foundation engineering design team. As engineering and construction manager, they will ensure the project is executed safely, on time, and under budget.

Thompson Hine (TH) - Project Management Consultants (PMC)
(National Law Firm, headquarters in Cleveland, OH)
Project Counsel and Owners' Representative

Thompson Hine is a Cleveland based law firm with more than 350 lawyers in offices in 7 locations across the United States. TH’s construction law practice is the largest in Ohio and one of the most experienced in North America. TH represents owners, design professionals, construction managers, contractors and sureties in connection with all facets of the building industry. Nationally recognized for skill in resolving claims, TH transactional construction group has served as project counsel for billions of dollars of construction at sites across the United States. Among these are many significant stadium and arena projects for the National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and university and minor league teams. Equally extensive is TH’s experience with hospitals, pipelines, processing plants, schools and universities, office towers, hotels, and other commercial, industrial and institutional developments. In tandem with Project Management Consultants (PMC), a wholly owned ancillary consulting practice, TH’s construction consulting group includes professionals with extensive experience in design and construction management. TH provides unique consulting services such as partnering facilitation and mediation, project and risk management, financial strategizing and owner's representative services for projects throughout the United States. Thompson Hine will serve as project counsel and owners’ representative for Icebreaker.


Universal Foundation 
(Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK)
Foundation Design

Universal Foundation is an offshore foundation company majority owned by Fred. Olsen Ocean, with offices in Norway, Denmark, Germany and the UK. The company is responsible for bringing the Mono Bucket foundation to the offshore wind industry. A unique concept in offshore wind engineering combining the key benefits of a gravity base foundation, a monopile and a suction bucket, the Mono Bucket can be installed in a wide variety of site conditions, including sand, silt, clay and layered strata. The concept is based on more than 2,000 suction installations in offshore oil and gas. Universal Foundation provides design, project management and engineering expertise as well as holistic solutions for the Mono Bucket foundation, working alongside Fred. Olsen related companies or third-party contractors for fabrication and installation.


(Norwood, NJ)

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