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Viewshed & Human Impact

Will I hear the project from shore or my house? Foghorns or helicopters?

From a distance of 750 to 1000 feet, a modern wind turbine is no noisier than a small refrigerator.  Icebreaker will be miles away from the shore, and thus will not be audible to residents. Check out this demonstration of decibel comparison.


The wind farms in Lake Erie will not routinely utilize helicopters for maintenance, but rather small vessels or tugs.  While wind turbines do not typically have foghorns, even if they did, they would not be audible onshore. The Cleveland Crib has a foghorn that is operating 24 x 7 and at 3.5 miles from shore it cannot be heard.

Are there visual simulations of how the project will look?

Please click here for a visual simulation of the project. This simulation reflects about a seven to eight mile distance from shore.


    Will the project employ lighting fixtures that will mark the nighttime horizon?

    The wind industry is working with the FAA to test safe and non-intrusive lighting plans for wind farms. There is currently a product ( approved by the FAA that turns on based on the proximity of a plane and then turns off.  At this time, the U.S. Ninth District Coast Guard does not require navigational lights on any wind turbines that would be located in Lake Erie.

    Will the project affect my property values?

    Property values are determined by many factors, most of which are wholly unrelated to an offshore wind project that may or may not be present in the area.  Furthermore, when wind turbines are sited more than a few miles offshore – as our planned project will be – their presence is hardly noticeable during most weather and visibility conditions. Here is a study from New Jersey suggesting negligible impact of offshore wind projects on property values. Source:

    Get Connected …to Icebreaker’s supply chain opportunities!

    The Icebreaker project will need a broad range of service, equipment, material, and manufacturing suppliers to complete the first offshore wind installation in the Great Lakes.  Contact our strategic partner GLWN as your first step in registering with Project Icebreaker Supply Chain.  GLWN, a Cleveland-based advanced-energy supply chain advisory group, is working with LEEDCo to help identify, qualify, and engage local northeast Ohio and regional companies that have an interest to be part of this project.

    Find your opportunity in the Icebreaker project.  Contact GLWN today.


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