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LEEDCo Board Members

Each LEEDCo member appoints a LEEDCo Board Member, who is responsible for providing strategic direction and authorizing major management decisions. For this reason, the LEEDCo's Board represents a multitude of community interests across Northern Ohio, better positioning LEEDCo to build an Ohio-driven offshore wind industry, while being a responsible steward of public resources. 

The current board comprises the following:

Ronald B. Richard, Chairman
President & CEO, The Cleveland Foundation
Karen L. Allport
Vice President of Strategic Outreach, NorTech
Steven Dever
Executive Director, Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force
Ted Kalo
Lorain County Commissioner
Jenita McGowan
 Chief of Sustainability, City of Cleveland
Daniel R. Claypool
Ashtabula County Commissioner
Robert E. Aufuldish
Lake County Commissioner